Class Quality Circle


Class Quality Circle (CQC)

  • It consists of voluntary group of students from each class who choose areas that need improvement and find simple and practical solutions to solve those. They meet at regular intervals to solve the students related problems and attend to small and solvable problems.
  • CQC is initiated in the College with the aim of improving the overall quality of the institution and attend to issues related mainly to student behavior, interpersonal relationship, effective use of infrastructure (like the use of library).
  • The focus is on involving groups of students in structures and ongoing assessment of course materials, activities and assignments. Involvement in CQC gives students practice in working together to assess their classroom experiences and to suggest ways to improve the group’s learning.


The Class Quality Circle of the College has two complementary purposes. The first is to provide a platform for regularly collecting thoughtful responses from students on their assessments of class sessions, readings, exams and major projects. The second, equally important, purpose is to offer students a structured, positive way to become more actively involved in their class room teaching.


The functions of the Class Quality Circle are

  • To implement academic policies relating to all teaching and learning processes, including admissions, student progress, examinations and assessment.
  • To oversee the process by which teachers complete the syllabus and the student satisfaction thereon.
  • To monitor student results both at the College level tests and the University level examination. Evolve necessary remedial measures to improve the results.
  • To monitor the progression of students to higher learning.
  • To review and suggest on teaching and learning facilities which provide a physical environment conducive to study.
  • To make recommendations regarding textbooks and other learning resources
  • To undertake benchmarking of course outcomes.
  • To take steps to improve the quality of teaching through regular use and review of student and parent feedback as a basis for continuous improvement.