GENERAL Objectives

General Objectives

1. General Objectives

  • To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the institutions
  • To channelize the efforts and measures of the institution towards academic excellence
  • To internalize and institutionalize quality enhancement practices
  • To evolve a procedure for optimization and integration of modern methods of Teaching and Learning
  • To ascertain the credibility of evolution procedures
  • To emphasize the culture of Implementing Best Practices of the Institution
  • To inculcate spiritual, ethical, moral and social values in all disciplines of study.
  • To provide opportunities for all round development of the Students and excellence in higher education, research and extension in different disciplines.
  • To disseminate the findings of research to the community to facilitate its development.
  • To provide society citizens of sterling character.

2. Specific Objectives

  • To arouse a social consciousness of the students by providing them opportunities to work with and among the people.
  • To develop an awareness and knowledge of social realities to have concern for the well-being of the community and engage in creative and constructive social action.
  • To provide with rich and meaningful educational experiences to them in order to make their education complete and meaningful.
  • To develop the skills needed in the exercise of democratic leadership and programme development to help them get self-employed.
  • To give them the opportunities for their personality development.


  • Blood detection camps, blood donation, etc.
  • Eye camp
  • Campus cleaning
  • Celebration of important days
  • Orientation camps
  • Participation of students in various seminars conducted all over the state
  • Various cultural activities aiming at personality development of students