Computer laboratory


Computer Lab

Anbu Arts & Science College, Komarapalayam has a state-of-the-art computer lab with 80 computers at students’ disposal, offering practical sessions for students especially those doing B.Sc CS, B Com Computer Applications, B.Sc Mathematics with Computer Applications and BCA.


  • Students should maintain absolute silence and decorum in the lab.
  • Students should use computers taking care of them as their own property.
  • Students should leave their footwear outside the lab in the space allotted.
  • The furniture in the computer lab should be kept intact.
  • No student is permitted to shift or interchange any part of the computer with another.
  • Log out and shut down the computer, when you leave.
  • Use the Lab only for academic requirements.
  • For any hardware problem, report to the Lab-In-charge.
  • Students should refrain from downloading objectionable materials from the internet Violation of this rule will result in stringent disciplinary action.
  • Students should follow the procedures prescribed for logging in and logging out.
  • Each user must have one’s own personal account. Accounts are not to be shared with others for ensuring accountability and security.
  • Personal programme files should not be installed in the computer for licensing and security reasons.
  • Personal work files may be brought into the lab, but must be scanned for viruses prior to use.
  • Permission from the Lab In-Charge should be sought to prevent system infection.
  • Hacking (attempting to gain unauthorized access to secured content, violation of system policies, virus creation or propagation, etc.) is prohibited.
  • Violation of Lab rules will necessitate serious disciplinary action.