• The Sports Committee of the College is headed Mr. M. Nandha kumar, Director of Physical Education and other faculty members. Since 2007, sports activities have been an integral part of the academic activities in the College. The Club continues its winning streak for the past 12 years and has produced many outstanding players of repute for the country, state and for the University. The aim of the Club is to train different teams for the inter-collegiate tournaments. Normally the club takes part in all most all inter-collegiate tournaments in both men and women sections.
  • The Sports Club plans and organizes all sports and games in collaboration with the Physical Director. It identifies and selects the talented students to represent the College at various sports competitions, accompanies the participants and makes arrangements for transportation, refreshments, accommodation at the competitions.
  • Aim

    It aims to provide the sports activities for the personality development of students with the Motto: “A healthy mind in a healthy body.”


    • To make aware of the importance or benefits of physical activities in day to day life.
    • To encourage the regular physical activities for a positive healthy life-style.
    • To develop moral values through sports and games.
    • To motivate the students for mass participation in sports/games.

    The Sports Club meets three a year

  • To enable the students, change their attitudes towards life (positive thinking, healthy criticism, etc.)
  • To promote co-operation between other organizations with similar objectives.
    • (i) first meeting of sports committee is held in the beginning of the academic year for reviewing status of sports facilities,
    • (ii) (ii) second meeting is held during mid-semester for the organization of inter-house competition, and (iii)
    • third meeting is held before the year-end examinations for the organization of sports week.
  • Over the years our athletes have actively participated in sports events at the district, state and national levels, making us proud of all their achievements. The College has various sports teams: (a) Athletics, (b) Badminton, (c) Basketball, (d) Chess, (e) Volleyball, (f) Tennis, (g) Kabaddi, and (h) Hockey.